hector moreno (cont.)

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i want to start off by saying: what the hell, mi morenito hermoso? im over here defending you against all odds bc we are paisanos, and i love you with all my mexican heart. defending you from an internet population who 70% is on luke shaw's side. as always, we are the minority. and i (as they say in spanish) put my hands in the fire for you. 

i'd jump in front of a train for you,

you know i'd do anything for you,


i would go through all this pain,

take a bullet straight through my brain.

yes, i would die for you, 

mi morenito hersmoso de mi corazon.


el morenito hermoso made headlines again (considerably less headlines than last week though), when he injured a moroccan-dutch player in the eredivisie either yesterday or today, i cant remember. meanwhile, shaw has returned to manchester to recover. 

(on a slight parenthesis: i might get a lot of shit for this, but why did luke shaw post on instagram to thank the hospital staff? not that im complaining. they helped him and operated him. but he said nothing on social media about moreno visiting him at the hospital? i read in an article that moreno cried when he visited shaw. im sure shaw knows, or can imagine, that moreno is getting a lot of shit for the tackle. i think a tweet from shaw, saying that he understands it was an accident and that he and moreno are cool, would make people let it die. but i think the problem is that maybe, just maybe, im making a hypothesis, shaw is still upset about it. even though he tried to pass off on media as a happy kid after his surgery. either that or he's holding a grudge against moreno for it bc he seems happy with everyone else. its just a thought. no need to get all defensive, shaw & man utd fans).

this new player that moreno injured is moroccan-dutch, and his name is oussama. why doesn't it surprise me that this didn't get as much media coverage?

i already said it in my other post.

and its unfair.

so, why can't oussama get millions of people supporting him? where is the media? where are the people? where are the new waves of threats to moreno (not that i want it to happen)?

not coming.

because oussama tannane is not white.

(other parenthesis: omg. i am reading an article about oussama and hector's incident. the reporter claimed moreno was twenty nine years old. bitch please. get your facts straight, all you have to do is type his name on google and a very short bio pops up. moreno is TWENTY SEVEN YEARS OLD. and dammit, ossama, im over here praising you for being a good sport. but you slammed my baby in the press yesterday. yes, hector moreno was wrong. but thats what happens in futbol. its unfortunate, but people get injured. some people are over here acting like moreno shot these guys. its wrong to send death threats to moreno, just like it was wrong to send death threats to camilo zuniga after the whole neymar thing. its childish. i hate a lot of footballers, mainly arjen robben, but im not on my computer sending him death threats. i keep it to myself bc its my business who i like and dont like.)

anyway, moreno seems to be on an injuring spree. 

who will be next?

i want to make it very clear that i still support mi morenito hermoso, and hate is never acceptable. just calm down, its a game. and luke shaw, as well as oussama tannane, will recover. 

they said in an article that moreno is probably the most hated footballer rn.

that breaks my heart bc people are lingering on things that happened on the pitch. if they knew the sweet person moreno really is, they wouldnt be sending him so much hate. i mean, they're sending death threats to a guy that CRIED when he visited luke shaw at the hospital. a guy who bought him PRESENTS. his heart is truly made of gold.

ay, mi morenito de mi corazon <3

-clary xx

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