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guys, you know my frenzied obsession with posting like a bajillion stories before i even finish another one. i may be notorious on here for that, i cannot help myself, i have tried. trust me. but right now i was looking in my drafts. i counted my unpublished drafts...not including my published ones, there are like 120+ story blurbs with a prologue and first chapter included, some of them even have covers already.

i fell like the fox network. releasing a bunch of shit at the same time and then taking down anything that doesn't end up working.

anyway, as i looked through the list, i saw a story that i planned about a footballer. lets call him footballer x. so i got this idea when my spanish advisor told me a story about two cousins that she had. she is related to them through her father. and the two are related as well, a man and a woman. 

and you may know that in some religions it is not encouraged that you marry your cousin.

i think catholics don't really do it. idk.

her family looks down upon it.

and apparently, they both fell in love. my teacher is named monsterrat, and she is from catalunya. idk what her cousins are named, lets just call them sergi and marian (im giving them catalan named bc they are from catalunya). 

so sergi and marian knew their parents didn't agree with cousins marrying, but they were in love. so they dated in secret. the two wanted to be sure that what they felt was actual love and not a little crush or anything of that sort. so they wrote letters to each other for several years, and this started when they were teenagers. 

sergi eventually went off to the university of madrid to study idk what, according to my teacher. marian stayed in catalunya and went into the profession of librarian. still works at one of the most important libraries in catalunya to this day. and my teacher was going to the university of madrid as well, but for one reason or another, she would visit catalunya very often. 

so apparently sergi and marian would write letters to each other, and montserrat would deliver them so no one would get suspicious.

later on, they were sure they were absolutely in love and they confessed it to their parents.

their parents were so outraged and pissed that they gave them two choices: either they never see each other again, or they would be both banished by the whole family and considered dead to them. this couple was serious, the real deal. they were in love. so they ran away together (metaphorically bc they still live in catalunya today). and my teacher says they are still married after several years, they had a very healthy son, and they couldn't be better.

their family never talks to them anymore (except my professor), but they did what they did out of love. and they are perfectly happy.

that is one of the story ideas i have in my drafts. a woman who falls in love with footballer x, even though he is her cousin. and remember that story i told you all about fernando and maria a couple of weeks back? i already planned a plot, and made a cover. so that's ready for whenever i actually finish one of my stories, that one can take its place.

anyway, thank you for listening to my strange stories. i have so many to tell, which is nice because people always tell me their life stories and they make nice ideas for stories.

-clary xx

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