first days back

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monday and tuesday were my first two days back at the university for my LAST SEMESTER. how fucking exciting, but nerve wracking at the same time because i also need to apply to graduate school. i have only applied to one so far and i hope other schools are still accepting applications.

anyway, it was a hectic two days. especially because i was never told i had to take math in order to graduate. my advisor told me i didn't need math, that science covered math. so i took science freshman year. and now im stuck taking fucking math this semester if i want to graduate on time and well. 


i had work for like two hours first. i work at the library, and i got a promotion recently, so i work two less hours and get paid like a dollar more. then i went to my first class for that day. on monday i only take two classes.


i decided to go with 'elements of probability and stats' for my one math class. i thought the stuff was failr easy when he went over it, then again it was only the first day. then we went around the room giving introductions about ourselves. and my teacher, he is so funny, but when i told everyone i was a history major, his face went all serious and he told me, "do not get offended, bc im making this suggestion for your own good. drop this class and join 'fundamentals of algebra'. history majors are not the best at math, you will have a hard time'.

and now i have to stay and prove him wrong. im not a fucking quitter. 

i hate math and was hoping for an easy math class this semester, apparently this one will be all but easy. i do not care. i will stay and pass the class and prove him wrong. i was good at math in high school, doesn't mean i liked it. i took pre-calculus. i could have taken calculus my senior year, but my school was a little shit and cancelled geometry workshop the summer before my sophomore year. i was supposed to take geometry that summer, algebra 2 in 10th grade, pre cal in 11th, and cal in 12th. but they fucked up my life when they cancelled geometry workshop.

anyway, if i fail this and have to stay behind another semester, im going to cry forever and blame professor wang.


my other class for that day is music, choir to be exact. i have taken it all eight semesters of my university life. i love it and there was no way i was going to drop the class.

i feel so bad for saying this bc its not her fault, but there is a new girl in choir this semester, and she sits next to me bc she is a soprano. and when we sang on monday, she sang really loud, and like HORRIBLY OFF KEY. so she kept dragging me off key with her. it was so hard to stay in tune with her yelling like that.

not gonna lie, i think she is tone deaf. 

bc usually when we have new girls that have never done choir before, they are easily able to pick up the tune. but this girl was having the most difficult time. i will give her credit for trying though. she was trying so damn hard.


on tuesday i had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to get to a fucking 8:00am class. i thought it was going to be a lame old teacher. but when the philosophy professor walked in, my JAW FUCKING DROPPED. okay, he was fine as fuck.


i found a pic of him on google that i would totally attach on here, but i dont want him to know i think he is bae af. just trust me guys. he has beautiful blue eyes, light brown hair, he is quite fit, and fair skin. his name is marco and he has a pretty hispanic last name, but he looks like a white guy. and i know he is hispanic bc he told us he was from a hispanic family.

im going to take a guess and say he is either mexican or argentine. more likely argentine bc its a bit more rare to see mexicans with blue eyes. i've seen plenty of green eyed mexicans, my parents both have green eyes i have brown ones. sad life. 

i couldnt tell what he was bc he spoke in english to us, since my university is in usa. but his american accent sounded like a combination of bill clinton and white people from texas. but he said he was born in california and grew up in santa barbara. so wtf.


then i had my 'intro to spanish news writing' class. my professor is the best. she is so damn amazing and nice. i love her. she is argentine, but grew up in ecuador bc she and her family fled argentina in the 80's i believe. also, she is of russian descent through both sides of her family. and she told us all the places she has worked for, so i know i can learn a lot from her.  

this is the class im literally looking forward to every second of the day now. bc i want to be a sports journalist in spanish. it is my dream.

then i had work for about an hour and a half. then i caught the school shuttle back to the second campus, where i took an english class.


my professor is a cute little old lady. but she is strict as fuck. and i really hated that because this is my last semester. i only have to take this class bc i stupidly did not pass english 1c with a C or better. i got a fucking C- and they told me i had to retake it. and i thought i would stupidly push it to the end. 

so yeah, that was my first week.

and then i have to call college board so they can send my ap spanish test scores. and call ELAC so they can send my photography class scores. bc i cant get my minor in art without the credits of one more class. and since i dont have anymore room in my schedule, i have to hope against hope that they will take my photography class at elac as credit.

the stresses of university are NOT FUN.

-clary xx

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