slap a hoe

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so my bestfriend and i were talking about how we want to go to vegas with the rest of our friends. we want to go on spring break next year. and i told her i couldnt go in the summer bc i was saving money to go watch the mexico games at copa america centenario next year.

and then she pissed me off.

she said mexico didnt deserve to win and that she hates the seleccion. she also said she would slap every member of the team if she could. but here is the series of shocking truths: she cheers for usmnt, BUT SHE WAS BORN IN MEXICO, LOOKS NOPALERA AF, AND HAS A THICK MEXICAN ACCENT.

nOPAlera PlS.


i went off on her. i mean its okay if she likes usmnt and all, i just cant excuse the fact that she talked shit about mexico. like come on, CHILL THE FUCK OUT. it wasnt mexico's fault the ref couldnt make a good call. but before that, i remember she had told me she liked usmnt. but i never imagined she would hate mexico nt.

i mean, its ur country bitch. show some respect.

but whatever.

imma tell her to drop the subject bc if about to slap a hoe.

we cant be bffs anymore. lol jk.

as long as she doesnt talk smack about the seleccion in my presence idgaf who the flying fuck she supports. me vale un cachuate, me vale madres, me vale vergas. carajooooooo. que se pudra con su usmnt y yo muero con mi selección.

-clary xx

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