another unpopular(?) opinion post

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another unpopular opinion post. i added the little question mark there because i was unsure if it  really is an unpopular opinion or not. i think it is, which is why i classified it as such. some people may not like this, but here it is. it is something i honestly think and something that i feel so strongly about that i am working on my senior thesis on this topic.

okay, so we all know the uswnt is the best women's national team in the world. that has been established very clearly.

but here is my unpopular opinion. or idk if you all share this thought. yes, i am not taking any merit from from them. come on, they have three world cups for fucks sake. so dont anyone take this the wrong way.

but haven't you all thought that maybe they're so good because everyone else fucking sucks?

there's no real competition in women's football.

my example in my thesis is mexican women vs american women. 

american girls can go to football camp and can play from the moment they're little. they have that advantage. boys too. in mexico its a bit different. or even for mexicans in the united states. aint no mexican parent gonna pay for football camp when there are fucking bills to pay and groceries to buy. i wanted to do ballet folklorico when i was a kid, martial arts, football. i never was able to do those things because we had money and a comfortable life, but not enough to spend on fun stuff like that.

i mean i get that there's struggles everywhere. but that's my first point.

my second point is that mexican women aren't as encouraged to pursue sports as the men, or the american women and men. if you live in a traditional family, you are expected to go to school, graduate, eventually get married, and have kids, and ultimately be stay at home mother.

my dad never encouraged me to like football. i did that all on my own. 

i have other points but i have to cut it here for now because i have to go take my philosophy exam.

thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments section. like i said, its not always like this. some mexican parents are very encouraging.

but i still stand by my notion that the only reason why the uswnt is so good is that every other women's nt (for the most part) fucking sucks. 

-clary xx

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