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guys, have you seen those new apple watch commercials?

i have seen three different ones and found that all three have one big thing in common: THERE ARE NO HISPANICS IN ANY OF THE THREE COMMERCIALS.

im not the only one who noticed, my sister noticed too.

there were asian girls looking at the time, a black family watching tv and listening to music at their house, a white woman calling her mom bc she doesn't know how to take care of a baby, and there were even middle eastern people in one of the commercials, doing a very dangerous stunt in a car i might add. they had the doors opened and the had one leg out of the car and stuff. 

but whatever.

no hispanics. 

are you implying, apple, that as a hispanic we cannot afford your products? why cant we make it into your commercials? 

in your obsession to diversify your commercial, you completely ignored the hispanic population. 

anyway, that really bothered me. 

-clary xx

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