2015 highlights

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since today is the last day of the year 2015, i thought i would reflect on everything that happened and everything i can remember. for some reason, i always get so sad on the last day of the year, but i wanted to remember all the good times i had. so these are my 2015 highlights. 

january - i don't remember much about this month, maybe because it was rather uneventful. i started my second semester of junior year at the university, and i got a job for the first time, working as the spanish department chair's assistant. it was a nice job, but i always had like a billion things to do. 

february - the only thing i remember from this month was my older sister's birthday. we all went out somewhere for dinner to celebrate, and we got her a cake. it was nice.

march - this month was my dad's birthday and we went out to his favorite pizza parlour to celebrate. this was also the month where the seleccion played at the coliseum against ecuador, where chuy corona blocked a penalty and chichadios scored a goal. i remember i was a bit bummed out because the coliseum is LITERALLY like fifteen minutes from my house, but i was unable to get tickets because i didn't get paid on time the week the tickets went on sale. the whole week prior to the game, they trained at ucla, literally fifteen minutes from my university (probably an hour walking distance) and i couldn't go bc i had class. it was so upsetting to know they were so close and i couldn't go see them.

april - this month was my birthday. we had a nice little get together and we went for dinner. it was nice. but i remember i cried that night because i thought twenty one was elderly as fuck. now im super close to being twenty two and im terrified. i have a fear of getting old. i don't remember anything else happening. only that we had finals week at the university the same week of my birthday. we also had our spring concert for choir, and i applied for a research scholarship.

may - since my advisor was choosing the people who would get the research scholarship, i was at a bit of an advantage bc people say she and i are besties. so she gave me the scholarship without even having to do the interview with her. other nine girls were chosen later on. this was the month of my mother's two birthdays (she is mexican), and her two mother's days (usa and mexico), so she expected four presents. i just gave her a hug and offered to take her out to dinner, but she said it was okay. she preferred hanging out with her church friends, which is fine too. its her life, she can do what she wants with it. i started summer school at the end of this month, because i needed history 1B for my motherfucking history degree. at the end of this month the u20 world cup started and i was very excited to see guti and chucky representing mexico.

june - this was the month that i moved into my dorm. it was also the month my younger sister got married. i was the maid of horror (honor). it was a great ceremony, and a great party, and i will admit i cried. the next morning i cried some more whilst i stuffed my face with a pizza i ordered and watched a preparation game before the copa america in chile. 

mexico seleccion b was a disaster and i remember just hoping they wouldn't be humiliated at the tournament. 

mexico was eliminated from the u20 world cup after a poor performance, and seleccion b was eliminated from copa america after a poor performance. 

from there, we mexicans could only rely on the wonderful magic of seleccion a. my heart was deflated like a balloon when chichadios was injured and had to miss the entire gold cup, then morenito was injured. it was an injured player spree.  and the tournament hadn't even started yet. 

oh and then the toulon tournament...which took place at the beginning of june. i thought we were gonna win because this was the second golden generation (the first was the boys that won the u17 in peru 2005). these boys had won every possible concacaf tournament. but they were eliminated at the group stage. even the usa went further than them. but i love them anyway because they won the central american games just six months prior, and a lot of the same boys would be representing us in canada for the panamerican games in the next month.

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