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el clásico, el clásico mexicano, el super clásico, el clásico de clásicos. that is the game between chivas and américa. the capital vs the town full of tradition. the rich vs the team of the people. eleven mexicans vs mexicans and foreigners. the two most popular teams in mexico, the most successful, the only two that have NEVER been relegated. the clasico represents many things in mexican football.

winning is not a option, its a must. bc the team that wins doesnt just take the three points, they take honor. glory.

today the glory belongs to chivas.

two goals by omar bravo, the team captain, the legendary man himself. he gave us that glory. he made us feel proud. he made us scream like we havent done so all tournament. we beat one of our two top rivals. but it wasn't just omar.

it was also pepe toño for his brilliant goal keeping. (moises muñoz is a hater. he criticized toño for celebrating the goals with so much emotion. like hombre please, had américa been the one winning, you wouldve had no mercy celebrating bc this is a clasico and chivas is ur biggest rival).

dedos lópez for his assistance at omar's second goal.

jair's defending on the goal line which saved us from conceding a goal to américa.

salcido's experience on the pitch. yes, he caused that penalty that put américa close to equalizing. but everyone makes mistakes. and when he left the pitch in tears after getting that red card, i felt for him. he truly loves chivas, and he tries so hard to defend our colors. keep your head up, salcido, we love you!

fierro's amazing partnership with omar.

every player is important.

from omar to chapo.

thank you all for loving chivas, thank you for defending our colors with pride! thank you for everything.

we are one step closer to becoming the great team we once were.

bless you, rebaño sagrado.

cuidense todos, el rebaño anda bendito 😉 and they wont have mercy on nobody. statistically, this season, every team that has gone up against chivas (except veracruz), started having a losing streak after they played against them. maybe they lose their motivation after they see a badass team on the field. lol jk.

but i have faith.

the campeonisimo will return💕

the ten year anniversary of our last first division trophy is this december, and we MUST win. we need to prove once again that we can play just as well with eleven mexicans.

clary xx

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