confession #2

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confession #2 :

here's another one while i'm at it.

over the summer i was doing a research project on a scholarship fund. i got $3500 out of it, a dorm at the university for two and a half months, and a $1000 lunch card to purchase food at the university. overall that was worth about $7000 that i was given.

on the first day we were assigned our dorms. i had never dormed at the university so i was nervous. luckily my suite mate was a friend from choir so we got on well. suite mate is when you each have your own room, but there is a bathroom in between both rooms, which you share. anyway, here comes the confession.

about halfway through the summer program i got sick (surprise, surprise, cuando no?), and i was so sick that i was delirious af. like it was monday and we had a meeting with our project advisor on wednesday. then on thursday we had scheduled our weekly meeting with the advisor bc we had to meet once a week (normally Fridays) and my friend couldn't make it the day we originally planned, so we changed it to thursday. so i told her, "oh wow. we're gonna meet with dr. montserrat tomorrow and the day after that." and she was like "what? tomorrow is tuesday. we meet with her on wednesday." and so we tried to do our info log gor the week but i was too sick to work on anything so she said she's finish it and i went to bed.

once in my dorm i changed into my pajamas and went to brush my teeth. i normally left my toothbrush in a little plastic bag in my desk drawer. my suite mate always left hers on the little counter thing behind the bathroom mirror. yeah.

so it was open, and since her brush is almost EXACTLY LIKE MINE, and i was too damn sick and on medicine to notice...I GRABBED HER TOOTHBRUSH AND WASHED MY MOUTH WITH IT.

as soon as i finished i realized mine was in my desk drawer. so i cleaned hers with handsoap and put it back in its place. then i ran to my room, grabbed my own brush and brushed my teeth with it like ten times. i was so grossed out. not because my friend is nasty or anything, but because she puts that thing all the way against her teeth and tongue (like any normal person would).

i never told her i did that, and i never will.

but yeah, on a delirious night, i BRUSHED MY TEETH WITH A TOOTHBRUSH THAT WAS NOT MINE.

-clary xx

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