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so today is the day of the univision sports awards. the top people in the sports world have been nominated for different categories and they will be handed out in a ceremony tonight on the univision channel. make sure, you all check it out. i watched it last year and it was pretty good. 

but i have a complaint about adriana monsalve (again).

i honestly cannot stand that woman. so, on republica deportiva just now they were discussing one of the categories people were able to vote in. the voting is now closed, if not i would suggest that you guys go on there and vote. anyway, the three presenters of republica deportiva started talking about the category of goal of the year.

the nominees were: paul aguilar (for his goal against usa at the rose bowl this october), carli lloyd (for her goal against japan in the world cup final), messi (for his goal against bilbao at the copa del rey final), sebastian giovinco (for his goal that got his team into the mls playoffs), and aviles hurtado (for his goal against toluca). 

felix fernandez said that in his opinion, paul aguilar was the best goal of the year. he said it was the best because of the drama, the circumstances, and what it meant to everyone (that is literally the exact same way i feel about that goal). edgar martinez said that to him, paul's was the best, for the same reasons as felix. but he also thought giovinco's goal was really good. then adriana monsalve said she thought carli lloyd's was the best because it was a world cup final.

then she did something that pissed me off.

she proceeded to shame the other two presenters because they chose goals scored by men. she was like "well you only chose them because they are men, why can't carli win?" but the hypocrisy though. did she not just do that? did she not just pick lloyd because she is a woman?

and so felix was like "everyone has their opinion, to you that one was the best. to me, it was paul aguilar. if you want lloyd to win then you can go vote for her." 

then she just went off on a speech about how they are sexist because they picked men. like what the fuck? that has nothing to do with it. so now, she is making it sound like carli lloyd is the only choice that will not make you look like a disgusting sexist pig.

i voted for paul and im not a sexist.

yes, lloyd's goal was beautiful. and it meant the entire universe for the advancement of women in football. it meant everything to a nation. but that doesn't mean that it was the only goal that was beautiful. that's why the others were nominated and everyone is entitled to chose their favorite. if we all listen to her because she indirectly said anyone who did not pick lloyd is a sexist, then it wouldn't be fair for the other footballers.

im all for equality, but where is the equality when you shame people for choosing a man's goal?

dont choose them because they are a man or a woman. choose them because they are a footballer who scored a brilliant ass goal.

this is why i continue to hate adriana monsalve. i understand that she also wants equality for women in sports, but the way she did it was not the correct way to do it.

she called her co-hosts sexist on live tv bc they did not pick lloyd. wtf.

-clary xx

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