fun fact #3

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i don't remember where i left off in my other rant book with my little fun facts. so i'm just going to pretend i left off on number three. this one is more of a fun fact about me, but i'd like to share it with you all.

you know how i confessed that i call some footballers by their full names?

there is another strange thing i do with certain football teams. my sister and i come up with nicknames for teams as a whole, and we mostly got our inspiration from that strange movie "children of the corn". you'll get the connection when i tell you what i call these teams.

okay, here it goes.

after all these confessions, you will all probably think im weird af.

for some reason i can only remember the nickname i gave selección mexicana. chivas are still pending, since i can't think of a great word that really screams GUADALAJARA at you.

so, i call the selección mexicana my "children of the maize". you know, because méxico introduced maize/corn, to the rest of the world, as well as chocolate, and chilies, but i could only choose one. children of the maize just flows better than children of the chocolate or children of the chili. also, i think because i love them so much as though they were my very handsome children. even though all of them are older than me.

for the life of me i cannot remember right now what i call some of the other teams i like.

but yeah, there's another fun fact for ya. children of the maize.

- clary xx

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