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football fan tag

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okay, so this is the football fan tag. and i was tagged by foreverpique and lucianovietto <3 and i feel so loved for this. muito obrigada minhas vidas! i will post my small list of tagged people at the bottom and y'all gotta do it if you my fam. anyway, here it is and lets get started. just a heads up, next post will be about the bae canelo and how he is the new middleweight champ. representing us in a sport we excell at. thank you, canelito. he said he did it for us, as a country and i love him for that because he loved mexico and fights for mexico.

okay, lets start this before i go into this long as speech about how canelo is a national hero and my imaginary husband.

1:: when did you first become a fan of football?

i had several periods in which i was in and out of the football fandom. the first was when i was about eleven/twelve years old. before that, i used to hate when my dad took over the tv on the weekends to watch football. i would only care during some mexico games and during the clasico (by clasico i mean chivas vs america). it was a day, and a moment i will never forget. the moment when chivas became champions of the ligamx in 2006. it was one of the greatest moments of my life to see them lift that eleventh trophy. and it is my dream to see them lift another one. this was also a world cup year, so it was the year i fell in love with david beckham and italy nt (mostly fabio grosso).

from there my fotball fever died down.

it returned in 2010 when mexico took on south africa in the opening game. my whole school was excited for this (the school was 99.8% hispanic). and since our classroom tv didn't work, i remember we listened to the match on the radio in boilogy class. we watched the next game in another teacher's classroom bc our tv still didn't work. that day, my sister and i saw chichadios for the first time and fell in love. i also fell in love with gio, guille franco, kaka, david villa, and spain nt.

it was the year i decided i would watch la liga and totally ignored ligamx. fc barcelona became my way of life. and i watched real games for kaka.

when kaka and villa left la liga, i was so upset that i stopped watching.

in 2011 i started watching again bc i had a bf in atlas u17. and i watched atlas games bc i wanted to impress him. i would watch chivas matches. this was when chivas was super lider and it was said that they would achieve the twelfth that tournament. they said it was destiny to achieve the twelfth star before the start of the twelfth year. but they were eliminated by queretaro in liguilla. when my ex and i broke up i stopped watching football.

in 2013 i came back to watch chivas but they were losers back then. still, i watched them.

2014 i watched all the qualifying matches for mexico. the game against costa rica killed me because they needed to win and they didnt. my hands were shaky and sweaty. and i was about to cry. then usa saves us (-.-) and they will never let s forget we got to the world cup because of them.

to this day, i continue to watch football. but as you can see, it has always been a part of my life.

2:: who are you most favorite footballers?

that is an easy question, yet difficult at the same time. i love the whole mexican national team, i love everyone in chivas, and i love paul aguilar (even though i dislike club america). i like the usmnt (even though they annoy the crap out of me when they play against mexico). i love the spanish national team, and the german national team. i love kaka, i love villa, i love cubo torres. too many players to count or even name them all, one by one.

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