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i was tagged by my lovely paulodybala, so i'm gonna do this bc like i said before, i LOVE doing these kinds of tags. so continue tagging me in these, guys. and even if i wasnt tagged, i would probably do it anyway. so here i go. 

uno. post a picture of you?

too lazy to do that, and since im goind the #footiepositivity day with foreverpique, just refer yourself to my profile pic. its one you may have already seen. but i honestly think i've got like ZERO cuteness, so i'll take like TWO pictures each year. thats one of them. the other i took at my sister's wedding. i had one more, which i really liked. but it was in my old phone's memory card, and then i got an iphone a few months ago. and since that doesnt use a memory card, i ended up losing it.

and i really liked that picture too bc my face didn't look totally fat for once. like, you could see my cheekbones and stuff. sigh.

dos. would you date an 18 year old at the age you are now?

i would feel really weird because i am 21, but sure. if i liked him and he liked me, there shouldn't be a problem. we are both adults.

tres. do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?

my school is a catholic university for women, so i would say girls. they allow men to apply for the nursing program though. so i know a few guys. but every time i talk to them, i get so red for some reason. idk why. and i get so uncomfortable. they probably think i blush bc i have a crush on them. but i dont. so embarrassing.

four. would you ever smile at a stranger?

definitely. at my university its ENCOURAGED. if you pass someone in the hallway, and you don't know them, but your eyes lock as you pass each other, you ALWAYS smile. bc its the type of environment we were encouraged to be a part of.

i do it outside of school too.

five. can you commit to one person?


the other person has to be equally as committed though.

six. how do you look right now?

i just woke up so i probs look FATAL.

seven. what exactly are you wearing?

black pajama bottoms with red, yellow, pink, and blue dots sprinkled over them. and a grey shirt. 

eight. how often do you listen to music? 

literally EVERYDAY, and ALL THE TIME.

nine. do you wear jeans or sweats more?

i'd say a fifty-fifty. when i'm at school, i wear more jeans. when i'm at home, i wear more sweats. 

ten. do you think your life will change dramatically before 2017?

it better. im going to graduate from the university and have to go out into the work force. hopefully, i can be what i've dreamt of becoming: a sports journalist.

eleven. are you social or anti-social?

social with girls. anti-social with boys. sad life. lol jk. i dont need a man in my life.

twelve. if the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?

nothing. its their decision, and they can like whoever they want. 

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