the tweet of the year

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so i follow this chichadios parody account on twitter, and he posts memes and really good tweets and all that. thus, i am retweeting his comments on like a regular basis. but one day he posted something that made me laugh so hard in a totally good way and i think this can easily take the prize for the tweet of the year. 

i remember what the tweet said perfectly because it was that great. it was in spanish, so i'll write it and then i'll translate it for you all.

"el problema de bayer leverkusen es que piensan que chichadios puede hacer todo. la verdad si puede, pero se restringe para no matar gente."

"the problem with bayer leverkusen is that they think chichadios can do everything. in reality he can, but he restrains himself so as not to kill anyone."

i still find this highly amusing. i still laugh about it.

chicha is the best.

im just now noticing that there are 9 more posts, 8 plus this one, before i have one hundred posts in this book. and then i will have a new one because i have terrible ocd and if i dont have an even number or just a round number of chapters in each book, i feel super uncomfortable. so yeah. just a few more to wrap this up and i'll have a whole new place to post my random shit, with a whole new theme and all that good stuff.

i tried for this one to be very american themed, but i failed. oh whale. bahaha. i love mexico more.

no shame.

-clary xx

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