strange habits

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let me tell you all a strange habit i have. 

its probably not as strange as i think, but like idk. to me its rather strange. my sister and i do it a lot, and i dont know when it became a habit.

so when i like a footballer, i like to learn their full name. for example, i really like carlos fierro from chivas, so i went on wikipedia to read his bio and found his full name. but that isn't my strange habit.

the strange habit is that i like to call the footballer by their FULL NAME once i know what it is. so i will no longer call him, for example, carlos fierro. in my filing cabinet of my mind, he will forever be registered as: carlos eduardo fierro guerrero. and i will feel so fucking uncomfortable if i don't call him by his entire name. 

this happens to me with certain footballers though. 

not so much with guys who have nicknames, like lets say chichadios. i dont feel the urge to call him javier hernandez balcazar. because he is solely known as chicharito (chichadios). 

these are the footballers that i ALWAYS call by their full names:

-carlos eduardo fierro guerrero

-omar bravo tordecillas

-jose antonio rodriguez romero

-miguel arturo layun prado

-paul nicolas aguilar rojas

-paco memo ochoa (for him, i never include the second surname idk why)

-jurgen damm rascon

-raul alonso jimenez (i also dont include his second surname)

-rodolfo gilbert pizarro thomas

-marco jhonfai fabian de la mora

-erick estefano torres padilla (either i call him by his full name of i call him cubo, or cube)

-hiram ricardo mier alanis

those are all the ones i can remember at the moment, but as you can see, i do it a lot. its a habit of mine, and i think its a bit strange. but idk, i like saying their full names. especially paul's. it just sounds so nice that i love saying it.

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