day #1 in tijuana

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i didnt tell you guys, but i came to tijuana with my dad and his mother and siblings. it was rather sudden for us bc my dad found out his siblings from mexico city were going to try to cross the border to visit my grandma bc she is sick. so we came to spend some time with them in case they wouldnt grant the permission for them to travel to the us with us.

so we left at eight thirty in the morning and arrived on mexican soil at around ten. we went to a mall near the border around eleven where we waited for the family.

they finally arrived around twelve. and my dad's silblings literally all have green or blue eyes. and me with my plain brown eyes, i felt so out of place. haha. but they were nice people. then we had some food together. so then one of my uncles that came with us from usa took them to the border consulate and asked if they could get permission to visit their mother bc she was sick. sometimes there are special circumstances in which they allow it. but apparently the person there told them that they couldnt get permission unless they had a written note from her doctor saying she was on her DEATH BED.

so they couldnt go with us.

so then that killer a couple of hours and my (american) cousins and i went shopping at the mexican supermarket. we grabbed a bunch of good snacks and candy bc in america they suck. mexican snacks are the best. when we all got back, my dad and his brothers were gone.

we waited for them for like an hour because we started to fet hungry. so we went to a taco place. but i dont like tacos so i didnt eat. but my uncle javier bought me a really cool chivas bracelet from a street vendor woman. inwas gonna buy it myself, but i didnt have cash and my dad was god-knows-where. so my uncle kindly bought it for me. side note: he has the nicest eyes of my dad and his siblings. they were like an ice blue color. and apparently he is the one who most looks like my grandpa. i never met my grandfather bc he died when my dad was young.

when my dad finally returned, everyone was done eating except me. so we went to the kfc across the street. my dad was with his other brothers at a sports bar WATCHING THE CHIVAS GAME. i wanted to watch it but all i could do was follow the twitter updates.

so then we all went to a hotel.

and now its monday morning as i write this, but it really has been an exciting trip to tijuana. part two of this will come in the afternoon when i return to usa ^.^

-clary xx

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