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i forgot to post about this yesterday, so im doing it today.

as they say in the sports shows in spanish, chivas "ganó, gustó, y goleó." here is a rough translation of what that means: they won, they were likeable, and they scored a lot of goals.

to be pretty fucking honest, i predicted either a draw, or a chiapas win. as much as i love chivas, statistics were not on their side. for the past two seasons before this one, the sacred flock had not been able to defeat the jaguars of the selva chapaneca. thus was my conclusion that they wouldn't be able to defeat them.

especially when literally 50% of chivas is injured.

seriously wtf is that?

other teams go at my babies like they are TRYING to injure them. there was cone, fabian, fierro, reyna, jair, alanis, salcedo, salcido, dedos...etc. most of them are nearly fully recovered now, which is a big plus.

and chivas hasn't been doing too well, but again, its because they are the hospital team of ligamx.

i failed to take into consideration that jaguar's statistics this season are even more pitiful than chivas'. 

chivas had one win, one draw, and four losses. 

chiapas had zero wins, two draws, and four losses.

so they both went in pretty battered.

i never imagined chivas would pummel them though. the first goal was by the legendary captain omar bravo, the second by el avion ramirez, chivas went off into half time defeating chiapas 2-0. 

when they returned, as always toño had a goal scored on him. statistically, he can keep the net at zero the entire first half, but very rarely will he achieve that in the second half. i think he just gets nervous. i would say 90% of the time someone scores a goal on him, its during the second half.

BUT HE DID BLOCK A PENALTY, which saved our asses bc they would have been tied 2-2 with us. and it was a penalty that didn't even exist. 

later on, omar is fouled in the box and chivas was given a penalty. 

the legendary captain scores! making his current record total of 126 goals wearing the chivas jersey. now he surpasses the legendary salvador reyes from the 50's era el campeonisimo squad by four goals.

and last, the man i most doubted during that game. 


when he entered the field, i honestly told my sister, "we're fucked." because cone hadn't proved himself until that moment. people were saying he was just in chivas to charge money and look good. and it was largely true. he had done next to nothing for the team, and had spent a great deal of time injured.

but yesterday cone shut me the fuck up, and ILOVEIT.

i kept saying "dont give cone the ballll!!!!"

and they passed cone the ball.

he missed on his first shot on target.

but that wasn't all.

if at first you dont succeed, try again.

he did.

and HE SCORED A WONDERFUL goal. my baby, my little liar (this is bc he said he was born in lagos de moreno and everyone thought that was true until he was asked to join usmnt. that was when everyone found out he was lying and was actually born in usa, but thats another story), my little bunny of doom.

and all the boys went to hug him. it was so emotional. sorry for not believing in you cone. but it took you nine months to score one goal, how did you want me to feel?

it was a great game with an end result of 4-1 in favor of chivas.

needless to say, ricardo la volpe (coach of chiapas), already knows what it feels like to lose to chivas 4-1. but it undoubtedly still hurt bc chivas and la volpe, la volpe and chivas, whichever way you put it...hate each other. that is also another story that i wont get into.

but yeah. great game.

im so proud of my little sacred flock of doom.

-clary xx

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