borracho, borracho

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an actual rant for once. yay.

this one is about santos laguna, giovani dos santos, and their disrespect and utter demonstration of hypocrisy among other things when they chanted 'borracho, borracho!' as he walked by when galaxy arrived in torreon. so like i said, galaxy arrived in torreon i think last night for the second leg of the concacaf champions league match against santos laguna.

they ended up in a nil draw during the first leg so whoever wins gets to advance. but when galaxy arrived, the fans in torreon were super rude and inconsiderate with my little negrito pesado.

apparently, there is footage of the fans yelling at him 'borracho, borracho' when the team arrived. for those of you that don't speak spanish, borracho means drunk. so they were calling him a drunk. gio just laughed it off as he passed the crowd, but imagine how humiliating and hurtful it must be for a person to be attacked that way. its not right. i mean, and there are many reasons why its bitchy and hypocritical of them to have done that. what is even worse is that ONE OF THEIR PLAYERS said it to gio during the first leg of the match in LA. goalkeeper agustin marchesin of santos called gio a borracho on several occasions during the match. gio, like the good sport he is, took it with some humor, but still BURNED THE BEJEEZUS out of marchesin verbally. when asked about it, gio replied, "well im glad he knows who i am because I DONT KNOW WHO HE IS." bless you, baby. 

first of all, im sure 99.9% of the people chanting that are not dry. they probably are the same people who buy beer in the stadium and go to weekend parties where they get drunk off their asses. how about gio and i chant 'borracho, borracho' for you? that doesnt sound so fun.

second, who gives a shit what he does in his personal life? so what if he drinks? he's gio fucking dos santos, player of the seleccion mexicana. and he probably makes more than you'll make in your lifetime. also, he is like twenty six years old, let the guy have some fun. its not like he's out there driving drunk, or showing up buzzed to practice, or being a dick to children because he's fucked up on alcohol.

third, this 'borracho' as you have called him, just might be the one to kick your precious team out of the champions league. so watch out.

honestly, i had been rooting for santos because they are a mexican team and i hate galaxy with a passion. but after this whole ordeal, i kinda just want galaxy to win so santos fans can be taught a lesson in respect. 

what they did to gio was just fucked up. no wonder he didn't want to return to the ligamx and chose the fucking mls. i would too if i was treated like that by my own people.

-clary xx

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