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footballer nicknames

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nicknames that footballers have are everywhere. english footballers have them (becks), german footballers have them (schweini), but i've noticed mexican footballers or more likely hispanic footballers have nicknames. like in seleccion mexicana, i would say about 85% of the players have nicknames, and that is not an exaggeration. 

here is a list of the footballers i know that have nicknames:

-chicharito. we all know this bae. his full name is javier hernandez balcazar, and the back story to his nickname is quite interesting. its actually an inherited nickname. his father, javier hernandez gutierrez was a footballer as well. he player for various teams, as well as the mexican national football team. javier hernandez sr. was nicknamed 'el chicharo', which meant 'the pea' because of his green eyes. and javier was given the nickname 'chicharito', 'the little pea', solely bc he is his father's son.

-maza. his full name is francisco javier rodriguez. the man who is a bulldozing force in mexico's defense line. this nickname was given to him by a commentator many mexicans know as el perro bermudez. he gave maza his nickname because he is from mazatlan. maza is a shortened version of the word mazatlan, or mazatleco, which is the word used for people of mazatlan.

-tecatito. his full name is jesus manuel corona. i think its funny because his nickname (tecatito), and his last name (corona) are both names of popular mexican beer brands. i honestly don't know the back story to his nickname. i thought they called him tecatito becuase he was from tecate, a town in baja california mexico. but he is actually from sonora, which is actually a different town near the border with arizona. i would really like to know why they call him that. and i also want to know which beer he prefers; tecate or corona? lol.

-el kaiser the michoacan & el duque de catalunya. rafa marquez. the kaiser de michoacan is obviously because he is from michoacan (represent ayeeee!). and the duke of catalunya is because he spent a good few years in fcb with the greatest of them.

-güero. carlos eduardo fierro guerrero. his nickname is fairly simple. güero is the spanish word for 'blonde' or 'fair skinned'. he has a dirty blondish color to his hair and he is fair skinned, thus he qualifies as a güero.

-pollo. antonio briseno vazquez. i don't know why they call him that, but it means 'chicken' in spanish.

-chapo sanchez & chapo montes. jesus sanchez and luis montes. i don't even know what chapo means, tbh.

-pocho. miguel ponce. i once asked my mum what pocho meant. she said it was an american of mexican parents, which makes sense. bc i had a mexican friend who used to call me that. and ponce was born in california, to mexican parents.

-conejito. isaac brizuela. i read an article that says that his parents started calling him that because he wouldn't sit still and was constantly jumping around the house.

there are many others: hirving 'chucky' lozano, javier 'chuletita' orozco, hector 'furcio' or HH herrera, jorge 'chaton' enriquez, erick 'cubo' torres, jose juan 'gallito' vazquez, 'king' carlos v (he also goes by 'el bombardero'), oribe 'el hermoso' peralta, 'guameru' garcia, 'avion' ramirez, etc. the list of mexican footballers with nicknames is endless.

i know there are other players from other countries. for example 'pescadito' ruiz from guatemala, or captain america (clint dempsey) from usa. i just thought it was interesting that a vast majority of mexican players have nicknames.

edit: i just thought of a few more.

-luis 'matador' hernandez.

-claudio 'emperador' suarez.

-hector herrera also goes by 'el zorro'.

-andres guardado: el principito/el zorro plateado.

-jared borgetti 'el zorro del desierto'.

-clary xx

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