estadio omnilife

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apparently when estadio omnilife was built, it used to be called estadio chivas. but then greedy ass vergara changed the name to omnilife bc his company is called that. he probs was trying to promote his omnilife merch.

and then i heard people didn't like the name estadio omnilife and there was a petition to name it estadio chava reyes, after the legendary all time scorer of chivas.

i thought that would have been something nice to do.

but vergara declined.

i personally think estadio chava reyes is a badass name. either that or estadio campeonisimo, after the legendary chivas team of the 1950s and 60s that had ten years of perfect football and eight first division titles to prove it. 

estadio campeonisimo sounds badass, no?

-clary xx

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