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antoine's bestie

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my sister and i were talking about how damn fine antoine griezmann is, and so i suddenly felt like watching some of his most recent interviews. there were two new videos that i found, which were filmed about two months ago. one of them was an actual interview, while the other was a series of questions, that antoine had to answer.

two of his answers actually surprised me.

one of the questions was: which of the jerseys that you own is the most significant to you?

his answer was carlos vela's jersey. and my heart melted. i knew they played on real sociedad together, but i never thought vela could have made an impact on grizi. i mean, for some reason i would have never imagined that they got on.

so then another question was something along the lines of: who is your best friend?

and again, his answer shocked me. 

he said that carlos vela was the person he considers his best friend because he is a great person. and that they still talk all the time now.

my sweet little antoine.

though i know for a fact, vela would pick jonathan and gio over you, that is so sweet. 

so yeah, antoine considers vela his bestie. while vela considers jona and gio his besties, i think i saw an interview where he says. it. i also saw an interview where gio says his bestie is vela, when asked if he is closer with chicha or vela.

i wonder if morenito is closer with chicha or vela, or gio and jona. bc i know they are all from the same generation of footballers, and they all grew up together (jona, vela, gio, chicha, and morenito). what do you all think? who do you reckon is morenito's bestie? i know its a totally unrelated question, but im suddenly curious to know what you all think. i honestly think morenito gets on better with chicha than with vela, gio, and jona. they have a nice little trio friendship going on.

anyway, i just wanted to share that with you all.

the video is posted above, but it wont let you play it on here. just click on the option that says "play on youtube" and it will take you to the video. apparently, it wont let you see it here bc its 'exclusive la liga content". but whatever.

sigh, my children. i love them all.

-clary xx

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