giovani's parents

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so i went to the galaxy game today with my university and i actually had a lot of fun. and my entire life was made today because I MET GIOVANI'S PARENTS. they were so sweet, and nice. and they looked so proud of gio. it melted my heart.

we arrived at the stadium with about an hour to spare before the game started. so we took some pictures outside of the stadium and some got their faces painted. then we had our bags checked and our tickets scanned to head inside. from there, everyone seemed to get separated. we were supposedly going to sit together, but suddenly i found myself alone, surrounded by people i didnt know.

and then i saw by one of the entrances GIOVANI's parents.

they looked like they were waiting for someone. and i got closer. i didnt have my glasses, so i thought i was confusing them with someone else. 

and i stood there staring at them for a good five minutes, debating whether or not they were his parents. and then his mother walked away, towards the restrooms. so i followed her. and i was like: "excuse me?" and she didn't think i was talking to her, so she kept walking. and i tried again, "excuse me?" she finally turned and i smiled wide, saying, "are you giovani's mother?" 

she nodded and smiled at me. and i had a mini heart attack. she is such a cutie. 

i asked her if i could take a picture with her. 

she said no because she doesn't like taking pictures, she was too shy. and i told her it was okay, that i understood because i dont like taking pictures either. then i told her how much i admire gio. and i probably sounded like an idiot bc i was stuttering and my hands were shaking bc i was talking to my bae's mother. 

so i guess she felt bad for saying no about taking a pic with me. so she told me, "you should go take a picture with my husband, he's standing right over there." and she pointed to him.

so i thanked her and went to his dad.

and i said, "excuse me, you're giovani's dad right?" 

and he said yes.

then i said to him, "can i take a picture with you?"

and he replied, "wouldn't you want to take a picture with giovani? he's the star." and he just chuckled.

so i said, "i'd love a picture with him, but finding him in the stadium would be difficult."

and so we both laughed. and he agreed to take a selfie with me. 

then i thanked him for the picture and told him to please say hi to giovani for me. and i told him the people of los angeles really love giovani. and i walked away bc i needed to go to the restroom. 

so i did my business, and ran into giovani's mother when i was washing my hands.

she said, "did you get your picture?"

and i grinned. bc SHE was talking to ME. the QUEEN.

i told her, "thank you so much! it meant a lot to me because i really admire giovani."

and she thanked me for supporting her son.

i told her to say hi to giovani for me, in case his father forgets. haha. and she said she would. and so we both walked away.

i lost my group and had to watch the match alone. but it was definitely worth it. 

when i marry gio, you're all invited. lol

im so happy.

i swear this was the best day of my life. his parents are super sweet and humble, and they just looked so proud of their son. 

and then i started walking around during the second half bc gio had been taken out of the game, so i didnt feel like watching it anymore. i had my galaxy shirt and a mexican flag. and a guy that sells lemonade at the stadium said to me, "came to see giovani huh?"

and i was like, "yeah, i really admire him."

so he said, "did you see his parents at the entrance earlier?"

i said yeah, and mentioned we had a short conversation.

he said they were pretty chill when he introduced himself too. and then he told me that against nycfc a couple of weeks ago, jona was at the stadium. and he said jona was really nice too. and i was so jealous. haha. but i got to see gio, and meet his parents. so it was all good.

-clary xx

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