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mexico nt blog

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guys, im running a seleccion mexicana blog:


and i was wondering if two (or three) of you would like to collaborate with me? because right now im only posting about the seleccion sub17, but i would like to cover chivas games (me), as well as other liga mx teams (preferably cruz azul, ame, and pumas bc los cuatro grandes but other teams are good too). and i may have someone cover players abroad. so let me know if you're interested.i think  two to three (four if we all apply ourselves and are dedicated enough) girls that can post things at least once a week would be nice. i really would like to expand the exposure of ligamx since most people just seem to care about la liga and premier league.

like i said above, i would like to start with los cuatro grandes.

then maybe expand to the rest of the teams.

so comment below if you're interested.

i think it will be a lot of fun ^.^

a space created by women, to prove that we know just as much about football as much as men do.

-clary xx

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