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this one is about defenders!

so here are the choices:

-Diego Reyes
-Paul Aguilar
-Miguel Layún
-Hector Moreno
-Maza Rodríguez
-Rafa Márquez

i added more options for those of you who like to add two people under the same category. mostly me.

f - Layún and Reyes. They are perfect except for the fact that they are Americanistas. Layún is fine af and exotic. haha. the man is beautiful combination of spaniard, lebanese, and mexican. And Diego bc he is cute af. And he always acts like an adorable little loser.

m - PAUL, moreno, and rafa. PAUL IS MY TRUE LOVE IN THE SELECCIÓN. i love him. his accent melts me. and i heard he is super humble. and i think he is very handsome and a skilled footballer. i have seen how sweet he is with his wife and i'd love for him to treat me like that. Moreno bc he is so cute and tall and has a gorgeous smile. And Rafa bc i love a man with authority. haha.

a - sorry maza. i think he's a badass, but he's not super attractive to my eyes. not my type.


-clary xx

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