donald trump and muslims

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so apparently he's going after the muslims now, saying that they shouldn't be allowed to come into this country because they want to attack us. what the fuck man? you're attacking everyone with your words and still you are allowed to remain in this country. what can we do about that? no way to get rid of you.

i heard he was disqualified from the presidential race because of of his comments. these comments have also gotten general backlash from everyone.

he shouldn't be allowed into politics ever.

what he was trying to do was literally the same thing hitler did when he got into power. turning everyone against people who are different, blaming others for his problems, claiming to make the country great again, and he also apparently requested that muslims wear some sort of identification badge. that's like when hitler forced the jews to wear the star of david so that they could be identified.

the only complaint i have with this is...why did it take everyone so long to turn on him?

why couldn't you do that when he was insulting mexicans? we were left alone by our own country, as mexicans, we got more support from other latin american countries than from our own people at home. 

where was your sense of protectiveness when he called my parents rapists, theives, drug dealers, and murderers?  oh, that's right, we're not white and thus we are not important enough to be respected. we do not deserve to be defended from people who offend us. we are not rich, white, men. we do not have the right to speak. but they, as white men, have the right to label us and say whatever they want about us. that is life in america.

where was the sympathetic white america when he made fun of someone in a wheel chair? or when he insulted women? or when he insulted asians? or when he refused to sell nice apartments to blacks?

why were muslims the last straw?

why did he need to target muslims in order for people to start caring?

his comments should have never been allowed in the first place.

i'm not upset that people are defending the muslims. i was also outraged that he would say such things about them. there are evil people in every religion. heck, i'm pretty sure most of the nazis were catholic and that doesn't mean all catholics are evil bc of all the horrible things the nazis did under hitler. 

what really outrages me is that everyone stayed quiet when his target was my people. and now suddenly people care about what trump says?


don't make me roll my eyes.

-clary xx

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