confession #1

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thought i might post some confessions on here too, while im at it, since i've also posted fun facts and all that. so obviously, all these confessions are mine, about me. and just so you can all learn about what goes on in my head. i also have unpopular opinion posts saved in my drafts, that im too scared to post, but i will probably post them eventually.

but here i go.

confession #1 : i have a HUGE crush on matias almeyda, current team manager of el equipo de mis amores chivas de guadalajara. and i have no shame to admit it, even though he is like literally twice my age.

but have y'all seen that man?

he is FIT AS FUCK.

something about that long hair, tanned skin, and argentine accent that just makes me melt into a puddle of feels. i dont care that he played in and managed river plate (as some of you know, when i was a kid, i used to like boca juniors which is the rival of river plate. then boca betrayed me when one of their players AND THEIR TEAM MANAGER punched my idol bofo bautista in the face, and their fans spit on him. i lost respect for boca that day. and they were sore losers bc they did that the day chivas defeated them 4-0 and they were bitter). 

he is married and has three kids, and still i do not care. he is so handsome, and his voice bc that accent. seriously man. call me vos pls. sing me leo dan songs and im all yours.

anyway, that's my first confession.

dont think im weird pls.

-clary xx

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