child love

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for some reason i was remembering my primary school years. and as i did that, i remembered how pure love between children is. i have an example, that didn't happen to me personally, but i saw it happen with a girl that was my friend.

so when i was in kindergarten we got a new student named maría. she was green eyed, pale skin, and dark blonde hair. being completely honest, she wasn't VERY PRETTY. she was okay. she was average. and she wasn't stick skinny like a lot of little girls nowadays. she was of average weight as well, maybe even a tiny bit on the heavier side. but she was super sweet to everyone and super nice. and her eyes were lovely. she was a good friend of mine.

now fast forward to five years later.

in fifth grade, there was this really cute boy named fernando.

like ALL THE GIRLS thought he was cute. he had a twin named alejandro. but they were fraternal twins. fernando was blonde, brown eyed, fair skin, cute. alejandro was of slightly opposite features, but he wasn't ugly. he was average as well. that really isn't the point of this story.

so all the girls wanted fernando. oh, and i forgot to mention nando (who his friends called titi), was a bad boy.

but in fifth grade he met maría and he fell completely in love with her. i remember at lunch fernando would always try to sit with her, but our squad never let him sit with us bc he was a boy and had cooties. so too bad for fernando.

and he would buy her cute little things. in the cafeteria were little machines where you put a quarter and got a really cool pencil or an eraser. he would always get them for her. or he would buy her little snacks and take them to school for her. damn, guys now need to learn from that kid. but even though he would try so hard, maría would reject him bc he was a bad boy. like i stg. he dressed like a cholo. AND HE WAS ONLY ELEVEN.

but one day, after we graduated, she finally said yes.

i was there.

i took summer school for fun that year. and he practically begged her to be his gf. and she said yes and i swear that was the happiest boy i saw in my life.

fernando was so in love with maría.

it didn't matter that she wasn't the thinnest, or the prettiest. to fernando she was perfect.

they lasted a good couple of years but then one day in middle school maría moved away. i heard it was because her parents didn't like fernando being around her. he was devastated. soon after i heard that fernando dropped out of school and i never saw either of them again.

and the point of this story is just to question why people can't love for what the other is on the inside, instead of looking for a person who is super beautiful. like they could be rotten on the inside for all you know. lets all just have that innocent kind of way of falling in love.

but if youre pretty and nice then lucky you ^.^

bonus points for the lucky person who marries you.

-clary xx

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