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well...i can honestly say i have lost faith in the world.

a terrible tragedy happened in paris today, and as of now, over a hundred people have been confirmed dead. it was also said that the people who planned this hateful act of terror INTENTIONALLY planned this on a day when they knew there would be many people at that concert hall, as well as other targeted places.

it disgusts me and saddens me that people could be so cruel, so...heartless to do something like this. i shudder to imagine it happen. but i dont have to imagine it. its a horrible reality.

this is why our world is so fucked up.

i hope all those people will rest in peace, and that god will hold them in his hands. i wish their families much strength in these tough times. im certain its difficult to lose a loved one, especially in these circumstances. it was an unfair and brutal act of terror. 

my heart goes out to all the families, and the victims. 

i dont even have more words to say how disgusted i am with humanity right now...

we must all keep france in our prayers.

-clary xx

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