liga mx teams

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since i have nothing better to do with my life, im going to run through the list of liga mx teams and test my knowledge of them. if i fuck up on one of the teams u like, please excuse me and my american self. bahaha. i only know the entire life story of chivas. but i kind of wanted to see how much i really know about other teams in the league.

so here we go!

chivas. team full name: club deportivo guadalajara. mascot: the chiva, or goat. colors: red and white. founded 1906, by edgar everaert. eleven titles in the first division of mexican football. one of the founding teams of the mexican league. they play at estadio omnilife, but used to play at estadio jalisco (which they shared with atlas) until 2010. top scorer THE LEGEND SALVADOR 'CHAVA' REYES (who was part of the team nicknamed 'el campeonisimo' in which they had ten years of perfect football sometime in the 50s-60s. i believe they got about 7 or eight of their titles during that time) with 122 goals, my baby OMAR BRAVO is one goal from equalizing. chivas is team with the most campeón de campeones trophies. nicknames of cd guadalajara are: el rebaño sagrado (the sacred flock), las chivas (the goats, given to chivas by atlas. it was meant as an insult, but chivas adopted it as their nickname), los rojiblancos (the red and whites). chivas is the only ligamx team that only fields mexicans, and they do it because it is a tradition they adopted since 1908. they have a rivalry with atlas and américa. current manager is chepo de la torre, from mexico, who once played for chivas. 

pachuca. from the city of pachuca, hidalgo. colors blue and white. mascot is the gopher, or tuzo. their home is estadio hidalgo. one of the very first football teams in mexico. founded in 1901 by british-cornish miners. nicknamed 'the cradle of mexican football'. they have five mexican first division titles. they have a rivalry (though not so strong) with león. current manager is diego alonso, of uruguay, who once played for pumas.

xolos. full name xoloitzcuintles de caliente. they are from the border town of tijuana. their colors are red and black. their mascot is the xolo dog. their home is estadio caliente. their nicknames are: los rojinegros (the red and blacks), and la jauría (the pack of dogs). they were founded in the early 2000s after many failed attempts to bring a football team to the border town. they have one first division title.

santos. full name santos laguna. their nickname is santos de torreon. they are from torreon (no shit), in the north of méxico. their colors are green and white. their home is estadio corona. their mascot is a warrior. they were founded in the 80s and have five first division titles. jared borgetti, méxico's leading top scorer once played in santos. they are current mexican champions, as well as current campeon de campeones team. current manager is pedro caixinha, from portugal. 

toluca. full name deportivo toluca. they are from el estado de mexico. their color is red. their mascot are the red devils. their home is estadio nemesio diez, which has the nickname la bonbonera. their nickname is chorizeros (bc apparently that town is known for its chorizo). they have ten first division titles. their top scorer is josé saturnino cardozo, who currently manages the team. they once beat atlas in a final during penalty kicks.

cruz azul. they are from mexico city. their colors are red and white and their logo is from thej cement company of the same name, which owns the team. their mascot is the white rabbit, named blu (fun fact, i have a white rabbit named blue. but i didnt name him after cruz azul i swear). their home is estadio azul, which is right next to the plaza de toros. their nickname is la maquina (the machine), and a train sound is heard at their games. they have eight first division titles. they are known by non azul fans as el subcampeonisimo (the second place team). that is because cruz azul is the mexican team who has gotten to the most finals...yet they dont have the titles to show it. they are known for always getting second place when they get to a final. they havent won another first division title since 1997. they have a rivalry with club america, known as the clasico joven, the young classic.

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