seleccion mexicana adventure

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today the seleccion mexicana had their first training at the rose bowl of pasadena then they returned to their hotel in the afternoon. through instagram, a friend told me they were staying at the roosevelt hotel. very high class and beautiful. i know exactly where it is. literally the train stops one block from the hotel. so my sister, my cousin, and i took a train there, hoping we could see the guys.

we got there at 8pm, and there were people outside the hotel. they were waiting for the seleccion.

we tried to get in through the main doors but there were guards. we asked if we could go into the lobby. he said we needed a reservation. so we went back outside. 

we stood outside for a half hour. people came and went. 

then we made friends with with some guy who came FROM YUCATAN just to see them. he and his nephew said there was a back entrance where there were no guards. so we followed him AND WE GOT IN LIKE CONTRABAND. lol we were about to give up and go home before the guy told us that. he saved our lives bc our trip was totally in vain until that moment.

so finally were in the lobby. there was an open second floor terrace and the players were up there, peeking over the rails and waving at the fans.

everyone was taking pictures and yelling their names.

and people were throwing their jerseys up there to get them signed. i threw my flag and torres nilo and THE BAE HERRERA EQUIHUA signed it. i almost cried bc herrera equihua is my boy. i watch pachuca games for him. i also saw layun for a moment, and vela.

then we were about to leave again, but then TECA came outside. and he sat on a bench on the terrace and people were calling him, begging him to get close to the railing so they could take a picture, but he just waved, smiled, but refused to get up. i would have thought that was super rude, but he was talking to his family. and people were like saying to him, "you're fucked up tecatito!" but poor guy. he just wants to spend some time with his family, give the guy a break.

but he did agree to sign stuff AND HE SIGNED MY FLAG.

i was crying on the inside. he's so cute.

then we called a lyft taxi to bring us home.

today was another great day for me.

-clary xx

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