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mex vs arg

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technically, i shouldn't even be upset because i promised i would support them whether they win or lose. and i know i will regret these harsh words tomorrow. but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE SELECCION?

granted, i expected a tie or a loss, but mexico played like never before. i should have known it was too good to be true when we were beating ARGENTINA after 45 minutes. one goal that was a penalty, but still flawlessly scored by the CHICHADIOS himself.

and then when HH scored...

they made me feel like i was touching the skies. WE WERE UP 2-0 over ARGENTINA. THEY ARE ONE OF OUR TOP RIVALS. i was so happy that we were proving statistics wrong. because statistically, out of the last eleven games played, argentina had won eight, and three were draws. so we were rowing up the creek without a paddle.

we almost had it.

but as they say in mexico (about the national team): we played like never before, and lost like always.

we didnt lose. but it almost felt that way.


that was all i asked for.not a house, not a car, not even money. just one fucking win for once.

and the seleccion let me down. couldn't even defeat trinidad and tobago. but if we dont get that pass to confederations in russia 2017, i will be so fucking done.

i support them always.

but that doesnt mean im not upset when they lose. i know they try their hardest. but they need a little something extra to win. maybe tuca should yell at them para que entiendan.

the only salvageable thing was that the seleccion played pretty well. but they slacked off a bit after the second goal.

-clary xx

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