a little story

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since i told you guys an important family secret, i thought a little story was in order. the family secret was from my dad's side of the family. this story is from my mom's side of the family.

my grandmother (lets name her lux bc that name is fab) sometimes used to visit her cousins in a neighboring pueblo, but they never went at night (her and her sisters; rachel and philly). that was because they said that in the neighboring pueblo, there was a group of bandits who would kidnap and rape girls who were alone at night. 

but one day, they were out and their parents wanted them home. but the walk tot he bus stop was about an hour away and they hadn't measured their time right. so they were out in the dark. this must have been around the nineteen forties or fifties AND IN A PUEBLO, so i doubt there were street lamps. and everyone was already in their houses, with locked doors.

my grandmother was about fifteen, she had already met my grandfather and they had been dating around one or two years. 

that is another story. 

so she was walking with her sisters when they saw a group of boys behind them.

she was petrified. 

she thought she was going to get kidnapped and raped. so she and her sisters made a run for it. the guys chased them. they were faster and caught up to them easy. one of them grabbed my grandmother by the arm and pulled her back. "hey." he said to her.

and my grandmother turned, she knew his voice. she said she felt relieved when she saw it was only her cousin francisco.

he asked what they were doing out at night, and she explained that they were returning to their pueblo and were headed for the bus stop. he told them it was dangerous to be out by themselves, especially bc they were women. so he walked them to the bus stop and left them there. 

my grandmother said that she turned when they were a bit far off in the distance, but that she could see them trying to break into someone's house.

and that was the day she discovered her cousins were the ones terrorizing the pueblo.

from that day on, my grandma said she always got the chills whenever she would see her cousins bc she knew what they were capable of.

scary huh?

i have more stories, but i'll tell you another one later! ^.^

-clary xx

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