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clausura 2016 playoffs

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today is the first day of LIGUILLA (liga mx playoffs). and per usual, im here to propose that bet that i always propose whenever liguilla comes along. eight teams, eight people betting, one winner.

so here is how its gonna go: one person claims a team. as each team plays their game (ida y vuelta), teams will be eliminated. eventually there will be one winner. whoever claimed the winning team wins. and everyone else has to change their profile picture to a player from the winning team or the team logo FOR ONE WEEK. who's up for the challenge?

here are this season's qualified teams

1. rayados de monterrey (taken by foreverpique ) <3

2. tuzos de pachuca

3. club leon de guanajuato

4. club america de cuidad de mexico

5. chivas de guadalajara (TAKEN - sorry guys. i always claim el amor de mis amores whenever they make it into the playoffs)

6. monarcas de morelia

7. santos laguna de torreon

8. tigres de uanl

since its starting tonight. here are the games that will be played


CLASICO REGIO - tigres vs monterrey

leon vs monarcas


santos vs pachuca

CLASICO NACIONAL - chivas vs america

so everyone take your pick if you want to participate ^.^ thank you!

-clary xx

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