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yesterday was another great day for me. not only because i got tickets for the preolympic tournament, THEY WERE GREAT SEATS. second row, and RIGHT NEXT TO THE TUNNEL EXIT. so i got to see the players super close up. i was screaming internally.

the security guards were little bitches though. everytime we would get close to the players, they wouldnt let us talk to them and asked us to get back to our seats.

but the players were amazing and ignored the guards and started signing stuff and taking pictures with people. this was during the honduras vs haiti game, which was first. the mexico players were by the tunnel exit, watching the game. van rankin was there, chucky, hedgardo marin, erick gutierrez, and i think jordan silva. 

i was able to get a picture of them before people rushed to the front to get pictures and autographs.

THEN SALCEDO JR. came outside and i knew i needed his autograph. 

so when people started to clear off a little, bc the security guards were yelling and telling them to go back to their seats, i walked up and tapped salcedo on the shoulder. i didnt have a marker on me so i had to ask a guy who was sitting nearby. he was super nice about it and let me borrow his. he was distracted hearing music. the guard asked me to not bother him, but fuck that.

and salcedo turned and i was like "salcedo will you sign my flag please?"

i was so nervous that the words came out in english instead of spanish, thank god salcedo speaks perfect english. and he just nodded, taking the marker from my shaking hand. he was so serious though. i think he was shy ^.^ 

he signed my flag and then i said, "thank you so much salcedo." and i went back to my seat.

then my sister approached him and he signed her shirt. 

at the end of the game, i tried to get pizarro, chucky, and cubo's signatures, but people were fighting to get to the front to get autographs. that pissed me off bc some were just there to watch them.

they should have cleared the path for others.

i just wanted three more signatures and that was it.

but whatever. 

it was still a good day.


defending the title, bitchachos!

for sunday's game, my seats are not by the tunnel. im pretty bummed out. what consoles me is that after the game, they went around the stadium signing autographs. so im hopeful they will do that again and i can get cubo's signature. my loveee.

i've been having outstanding luck at football games lately.

-clary xx

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