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some of you may remember my rant, from about a year and a half ago, which i posted on my rant book '#noerapenal book of rants'. just to refresh your memory, it was about the presenters of the show 'top gear' in england. and how they made some very racist comments which promote hate against mexican people. 

among many other things, they said, "just imagine waking up in the morning and remembering that you're mexican." as though it were a bad thing.

they also called us fat, and smelly, and that our food looks like vomit with cheese on it. literally spent like ten minutes saying so many hateful things about mexican people, and all because they didn't like the new mastretta sports car (100% mexican car). well, i liked the car. and they had no right to say those things. as a mexican i was very offended because i dont go around offending english people, or anyone for that matter. so i expect the same level of respect towards me and my fellow mexicans.

anyway, i was sifting through my scrap book which i started about a year and a half ago (before i saw the top gear video). and i saw a small powerade poster in my things with chichadios on it. and it had the phrase "si, imaginate despertar y recordar que eres mexicano" (which translates to: yes, imagine waking up and remembering you're mexican). so they basically used their words, but in a positive way. to show that being mexican is synonymous of being a badass national football hero like chichadios. they also slyly added "less prejudice, more exercise." bc they said mexicans were fat whilst they were sitting on their asses looking anything but fit.

back when i first saw the poster, i only kept it because chicha was on it. but now its so much more meaningful because i know what it stands for. it was a campaign to protest what those awful men said about us. 

i also found a really badass vid on youtube that someone made.

and it says almost the same thing as the poster, but it features clips of chicha playing for manchester united. im going to have the video up on the top bar for you all to watch, if you want to, as well as a picture of the poster which i found on google. 

this was just a small continuation of that rant because i felt this was very important to talk about. i mean, as a minority, we work hard. just because some of my people work in the fields, or work as gardeners, or car washers doesn't mean they are any less of a person. they're just doing the jobs you're too damn lazy to do. 

but let me just end this post here befor i go off on a tangent.

-clary xx

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