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i saw this on sara09221234's account and i screamed my face off, not literally obvs. i still have a face, but i started smiling so big like a little dumbass because paul is my man. my main man. my leading man. i adore him. i still think we're gonna get married and have beautiful mexican-american children. okay baii. 

the questions i presume were thought up by sara who is  a fellow paul fan such as myself.

so here they are and along with them will be my responses (thank you captain obvious).

1. desde cuando eres fan de paul? (since when are you a fan of paul?)

i actually fell in love with my husband (paul of course) during the world cup in brazil. the commentators kept saying his full name instead of just calling him "aguilar" and i thought it was an unusual thing for a mexican to have the name paul. i thought he was gonna be one of those white wash mexicans who was born in usa but chose to represent mexico.

but nope.

then i started watching club america games because of him (even though i hate club america). but i gotta support the husband u know how it is.

since then i have been a faithful supporter of him and his career. i know im a recent fan but lo amo con la FUERZA DE LOS MARES, YO LO AMO CON EL IMPETU DEL VIENTO YOOOO, LO AMO EN LA DISTANCIA Y EN EL TIEMPO YO LO AMO tanto yo lo amo tanto yooo. como yo lo amo, nadie lo amara. haha. sorry i broke out in song there. i just think he is the greatest thing to come out of a woman's vagina, besides me of course. bless his sacred mother for giving birth to him and shoutout to god for creating him too.

2. por que te gusta paul? (why do you like paul?)

there are so many reasons honestly. i love him because he is humble, i love him because he is funny. i love him because he is a cabron who doesnt take shit from anyone. i love him because he doesnt know how to whistle and when he tries is sounds like a whale call. i love him because he loves what he does. i love him because he represents our country with pride and honor. i love him because of all that he has achieved. 

i could go on for years, but imma cut myself short right here.

3. que es lo que mas te gusta de paul? (what do you like most about paul?) 

for me i think its the fact that he's so humble. like...i watched a video about his backstory and it almost brought me to tears. he would play football as a kid barefoot and since they had no football he and his friends would kick around pieces of old fruit that were hardened as rock almost. imagine to be that way growing up and then to make a name for yourself like he did?

that is what i love about him and why i truly admire him. the fact that he has stayed humble through all his success.

4. del 1 al 10 cuanto amas a paul? (from 1 to 10 how much do you love paul?)

one million. i love this man with all my heart. and i just truly, truly, admire him.

5. cual ha sido el gol de paul que mas te ha gustado? (which goal scored by paul have you liked the most?) club and seleccion.

in seleccion i would have to say the one he scored against usa recently. because of the moment, the circumstances and what it meant to everyone. we must not forget that paul is the reason we are going to russia for the confederations cup in 2017. 

in america i dont remember any of his goals because i hate the team.

6. tienes una camisa con el nombre de paul? (do you have a jersey with paul's name?)

i do not, but i wish i did.

7. has ido a un partido donde paul haya jugado? (have you been to a game where paul played?)

no, but i also wish i did. i wanted to go to the america vs barcelona one in the summer but it was expensive.

8. has conocido a paul en persona? (have you met paul in person?)

no. i wanted to meet him or at least get his autograph when they were in LA, but he stayed in his hotel room while me and other fans were waiting in the lobby. the only ones that came out were tecatito, torres nilo, herrera equihua, layun, and like two others.

9. que es lo mas loco que harias o has hecho por paul? (what is the craziest thing you would do or have done for paul?)

this was more for everyone in the seleccion, but i went on a one hour metro ride into hollywood AT NIGHT with my sister and cousin. do you know how dangerous that is in LA? i could have gotten mugged or stabbed or something. i swear guys. there was a crazy guy on the metro blasting music about slapping bitches and whatnot.

i was over in my seat fearing for my LIFE. 

and all for PAUL and the seleccion. it was totally worth it.

10. define a paul en una sola palabra. (define paul in one word).


im gonna tag a few people who i know like paul aguilar and they must do it or else we aint fam. lol jk. if you want to do it and i didnt tag you, do it anyway. so here are my nominees: ladamadelamuertecampeonisimo, and pauIaguilar. this last person i have not met, but her user is fab and thus i assume she likes paul.

-clary xx

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