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last night was one of the best dreams i've had in my whole life. i am not even exaggerating. it was a dream involving the seleccion mexicana.

so i dreamt that they returned to LA to play a game against another team. i think it was honduras, but i honestly dont remember perfectly. and they went to stay at another hotel in hollywood. so my sister, my cousins, and i went to go stalk them (like we did when they stayed at the roosevelt). 

when we got there, i heard that they were supposedly going to have dinner at a restaurant on the second floor of the hotel. idk why a hotel would have a restaurant on the second floor instead of the lobby, but it was a dream. and dreams tend to be crazy and illogical at times so bear with me here.

there were security guards posted at the stairs that led to the second floor. but then for some reason, they left for a few minutes. 

so we ran up the stairs and found the restaurant.

it was a pizza parlour, so nothing formal.

and they let us in bc we pretended we were gonna buy some pizza and stuff.

in the dream, we found the seleccion sat at the back at a long table. all of them were there. i remember seeing chicha, diego reyes, herrera equihua, oribe, rafa marquez, etc. 

so i told them, "i really dont mean to bother you while you're trying to eat, but would you please sign my flag?" and i got my black permanent marker out of my pocket. they all nodded and took the flag from my hands. THEY ALL SIGNED IT. and they signed my sister's mexico jersey. then we left them to have some privacy eating and talking. 

but i looked at my flag and it was full of signatures. it made my life.

literally when i woke up this morning, the dream felt more like a memory so i was almost about to check my flag to see if it had more signatures.

currently i only have: cubo torres, carlos salcedo, miguel herrera equihua, jorge torres nilo, and tecatito corona. 

if only it had been real. sigh.

-clary xx

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