when yall cuddle: Raph

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Today was a pretty relaxed day for you and there was no school today because somebody probably accidentally, possibly, kinda,likewise, half& half, maybe ,sortof filled the chemistry lab with toxic chemicals in school .

You was in the dojo with your boyfriend Raph. As he did 500 push-ups, you were reading comic books on his shell feeling yourself go up and down .

You: 412,413,414, this is boring ,415

Raph: and your cheating ,that should've been 416

You: ughhh Raphie can we do something

Raph: I told you don't call me that

You: yeeaahhhhh I never heard you say that before

Raph: so what else would you rather do

You didn't think of the plan the whole way through, and looked around trying to find some idea to go in your mind soon . You had a glimpse of one of Raphs sias's and that DING-DING-DING-DING went off in your head .

Raph: why are you making that face

You: nooreeaasoon

Before you can waste anymore time you charged for the weapon and dashed off out the dojo hearing Raphs heavy footsteps running after you yelling at you to come back .


Raph: (y/n) when I get you, your in big trouble

You: then cuddle with me

You heard him stop in his tracks from tour sentence cocking his head to the side .

Raph: uhh what?

You: come cuddle with me

Raph: oh no! I don't do that cuddling stuff, that's for Leo and Donnie type

Leo&Donnie: HEY!

You: then I guess you won't be getting your forks back.

Raph: there sias's

You: yeah... All I heard was another name for forks

Raph: no

You: yes

Raph: no

You: I said yes

Raph: and I said-

Raph wasn't able to finish his sentence when his sais was thrown to the wall missing him by less than a inch .

Raph: u-umm I-I guess it wou-uldnt hurt

You: never underestimate me Raphael Hamato

You walked back to him grabbing his hand gently and you both went to sit on the couch with no disturbance from the others . Raph put in your favorite movie,(f/m) and sat beside you, placing you in his lap and held a protective arm around your waist . you snuggled up in his plastron and continued to watch the movie

You: I got you good Raphie

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