the baby project: Raph

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getting back to the lair ignoring the hey's you got from 3 turtles and started looking for your flower baby doll.  You searched in the living room, all the turtles room and the kitchen, you almost gave up and remembered about not looking in the dojo.

Running to the dojo and busting in backfired on you when you heard somebody yell WATCH OUT! but was too late when you felt something powdery pour on your face, a second later you open your eyes to see Raphael looking shocked

Raph: whoops

You just coughed up smoke and realized that the taste and color was flour, you started glaring at your boyfriend making him feel in uncomfortable in this situation.

Raph: what I'm sorry, I was punching it as a punching bag and it ripped open

You: run

Raph: why?

You: that was my flour that was a baby project!!!!!

Raph: oh

He darted out the dojo and you chased after him for the next hour.

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