Mating Season:Raph

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This sunny Saturday, you were in the sewers with your red-masked boyfriend as he did his daily workout which he enjoyes  including 20 hand stands, 500 push ups, 4000  sit ups, 350 back flips and punching the worn out dummy for a good hour or 4. And you, you sat on his shell for encouragment reading your comic books blasting on some music through your earbuds, He was doing his pushup with his sias.

Raph: 359, 360, 361, 362, 363-...

You felt him suddenly stop counting  And basically stop doing everything, soon he was shaking violently like he was outside in December with no coat. Your headphones were still on, until they were seconds snatched out your ear from your turtle. You spinned your head to look at him to him the "wtf" look but got rolled over by the two of you with him now hovering above you grabbing your wrist and holding them against your will above your head.

You: umm Raph, let go of me

Raph didn't respond back all he held was a grin as you continued looking into his emerald green eyes to find some sanity left in him, but all you could see  was something new to you.... lust.

Raph: *chuckles* what's wrong sexy, can't you handle it

Your words were stuck in your throat, you tried to speak again with more confidence but that quickly vanished when a hand grasped your upper left thigh and you held back some pleassurable noise to not attrack the others. You tried getting out of his grip but he just kept pushing his body more untop of yours feeling his hot breathe on your neck getting hotter by the second like he was hesitating to bite you. But like the turtles say never let your guard down, and you did, deserving a painful yet enjoyable feeling on your collar bone.

He still bonded your hands and his other unoccupied hand felt upon your skin searching another place to make you more sensitive than ever.

Raph: You got some thick thighs hot stuff, mind if I go between them?

You felt yourself feeling something going down in between your legs also but you didn't want him to know that you gave in so quickly towards him. You responded to "The King of Horniness" with a nod of your head and wrapped your own legs around his torso bringing both of yall closer. Raph looked a bit surprise but it vanished from his face and held a bigger smirk unlocking your hands to use that hand to slither off your (f/c) shirt off, you didn't really mind since you had a tank-top under it making your face turn  hot pepper red.

You heard shuffling coming from outside the dojo doors  hearing groaning and things falling to the cement floor. You wondered what was going on then heard Raph chuckling to himself looking at your body and licking his lips.

You: W-whats so funny?

Raph: there looking for me

Donnie: R-Raph!

Leo: You know the deal hot head

You: why are they lookin' for you

Raph: you didnt know....

You: know what

Raph: It's mating season sweetie

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