Mating Season: Donnie

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You walk up feeling a little uneven today for some odd reason , but it felt like this day was gonna be a weird day. You shrugged the chills  off your shoulders and got ready for school.

~Author got lazy soo skipping after school~

You examined the alley way as you climbed down the ladder of the sewer smeeling the usual stintch and hearing the slow flowing of sewer water at the bottom of your feet continuing to go your usual way to meet your turtle boyfriend.  The chills came back as your took a left seeing the entrance of the lair on the right of the tunnel pulling the last pipe on the left down seeing the door open wide slowly .

Once you entered the place was cold and silent ,not usual to the situation  you yelled out everyones name but a shaky hand clasped infront of my mouth about about who it was and from shock.

Donnie: Sw-sweetie it-ttts me

You turned around grabbing the hand in yours smiling at first but it changed into a concern and worried look watching as your tall turtle looked like he havent slept in days with dark circle around his eyes and you just realized  that he had a chain wrapped around his ankle

You: um D-

Donnie: the rea-eason why I ha-ave the chain a-nd wh-why i loo-ok like this i-is cause  m-ma-....

He paused in the middle of his sentence he went stiff, you waved a hand in front of his only getting nothing from him . You tried again and a minute later he grabbed your hand gently  and  his body unfroze and he still didnt let go of your hand and with that he pulled you closer and with his other hand combed out your hair  playfully giving your a  smirk .

You: Umm Don, are you okay your acting really strange

Donnie: im perfectly fine my sweetness, but can I ask you something

You: S-sure

Donnie: Can I kiss your neck (y/n) ?

Your face flushed red and looked down from gazing into his red-brown eyes, he saw your action and that it was cute that you were blushing. Donnie used his hand that was playing with your hair using his thumb and finger to lift your chin up kissing your lips softly and once he knew you were lost in the kiss and the purple masked turtle went down to your jaw line then continued going down till he was at his destination on your neck smoothly flicking his tongue on your skin feeling your goosebumps come back.

You muffled out a couple of noises feeling his teeth sinking them unto your soft skin suckling on your flesh not stop until there were plenty on your now marked up neck enjoying it all.

Donnie: looks like the patient needs a check up with Doctor Donnie for a hour ..... or 5..

Before you can respond to his comment you heard a loud clangging noise and saw tht Donnie's chain around him that you forgot all about was looking like it was being pulled

Donnie: i guess my brothers figured out I left

Stroking your cheek he gave you one last kiss and smacked your butt hearing you yelp in surprise but saw the smirk on the turtles face feeling another blush going on

Donnie: i know i dont have time to do everything I wanted us to do in my lab in the dark but next time when its not the season to be wanting to bite you everywhere

His chain got tighter and he started shaking again but not that much and slowly walking upstairs humming

You: woah

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