When you meet him:Donnie

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It was already dark as you walked home from trying to finish a project at school but then it got late so you headed home. You had tons of books and loose paper in your hands that you can barely see in front of you .

You heard a voice saying something but you thought it was for somebody else to listen to. Not a minute later you bumped into something hard and fell back making all your books and paper fly everywhere. You grunted as you try to pick up your books from the ground. Your papers went flying to other places and you hung your head low out of disbelief from all the hard work you did.

???: are these yours?

you looked up to see a human sized turtle maybe a bit taller with a gap in his tooth and realizing he had a staff on his... shell. You reached for the papers as the turtle handed it to you.

You: thanks

???: no problem

you: my name is (y/n) and yours *letting out a hand*

???: Donatello, but you can call me Donnie too *shaking your hand*

you: OK Donnie, will I ever see you again

Donnie: I hope so, bye

with that he went in the shadows

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