When he hears you sing: Leo

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  While you were In Leo's room and he was at training. You thought it was too quiet for your taste and decided to go through your phone plugging in your headphones and blasted up your favorite song called (y/f/s).  You bobbed your head to the song and hummed to the music.

Seconds later you jumping around singing the song out loud, but didn't realize that Leo was smirking by the door frame watching you

You: Ahhhhhh!!! ... Leo, h-ow long were you there

Leo: the whole concert

You: ummm I can explain

Leo: Lol OK explain

You: umm.. umm see what happened was...

Leo: lemme guess your gonna try to run out of here and make me chase you

You:...... pretty much

He stepped aside and you made a quick run for it and heard his foot steps behind you.

Leo used his ninja skills and scooped you up in his arms smiling at you

You: Lol what

Leo: you have a beautiful voice, beautiful

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