When you see his baby pics:Mikey

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      Small  and soundless footsteps were made  into the lair crawling on the floor like a Lion catching  her prey , she met her target that was constantly yelling at the T.V. and shoving down pizzas whole, it seemed that he didnt expect her presence yet too focused on the screen in front of him. You were closing in until you were right behind him smelling the pizza aroma  off of his green self  . You launched your whole body forward aiming at your target and as if everything went  in slow motion  your body didnt tumble on him, instead your waist was caught in mid-air with one swift arm. You found yourself in the arms of your orange masked  turtle sitting in his lap and you saw him staring at the screen but you could tell he was really trying to hid the blush on his face .

Mikey: oh wassup duddette 

You: But-how... what  , I used sneak attack

Mikey: really, I been noticed you were here

Your mind was filled with shocked , but then sudden despair consumed your thoughts as to not having success of pranking your boyfriend . Mikey saw that his remark made you upset , a light bulb turned off in his head and had the greatest idea  yet to come to mind . He gently lifted you off his lap and sprinted upstairs   and 3 minutes came tumbling down the steps  holding a pile of papers and items with sticky substances dripping on the floor .

He shoved it toward you , not minding the golden sticky stuff thinking it was honey . Your mind was amazed and awwed at the little things that you found so adorable . Little toy nunchucks  , broken action figures, old.... very old pizza  and baby pictures. There was a picture of him  trying to climb the tree that is still remained in the dojo at this time , him getting hit in the back of his head by his green eyed older brother and one where the cutest  of when  he laid in a baby chair laughing and raising his hands in the air making cake fly every and instead of having most of it in his mouth, it was on his face .

You: Mikey how'd you get cake on your head

Mikey: Raph did that for me to stop yelling

You: Did it work

Mikey: Nope

You: but why did you show me this

Mikey: Because I knew this would make you smile again, I dont like it when my Angel is sad mostly because I caused it

Your hands were holding Mikey's  face gently  looking him straight in the eyes with your (e/c) eyes . Showing your smile making him smile wide as well feeling his guilt vanish away knowing his lady is well.

Mikey: So what do we do now?

You:......... wanna mess with Raph

Mikey: This is why I love you 

Hey ninjas , so I know yall are mad at me , but blame my stupid phone for being stupid.  I dont know why everytime I update on my phone it only takes half of what I typed or just none . So sorry


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