When he's jelly: Mikey

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   Mikey and you were at the skate park doing some moves here and there .

You: Hey Mickster , watch this

You managed to do a perfect double 359 +1 in the air  and landing perfectly .

Mikey: ni-

???: dude, that was so radical

You: umm.. thanks dude

???: so what's your name gorgeous

You: I got a boyfriend

???: oh yeah, then where is this punk

Before you can say anything Mikey threw his nunchucks at him making the guy fall on the ground .

Mikey: right here DUDE

You: jelly Lol

Mikey: what

You: your jelly Mikey

Mikey: yes, I don't want no other dude talking to you like your available, you are off the market (y/n) , got it!

You: yes sir Sajent Jelly

Giving him a salute . He kissed your cheek and y'all walked back to the lair

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