when he looks through your stuff: Mikey

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Today was a busy day at work when your boss tells you to take a 3 birthday parties at once.  You went inside your apartment  and finally into your room lying dramatically on your bed. Then you heard some shuffling noises  coming from your closet. You quickly jolted up off the bed and grabbed the only thing that was closest to you, a frying pan (yes I did ).

You slowly opened  the closet door ready to strike , but relaxed when you saaw your orange bandaned colored boyfriend trying to hide 

You: lol Mikster whats up and what are you doing?

Mikey: i got lonely without you and thought you were home  but you wasnt  so i just chilled till you got here

You: otay, wait whats in your hands 

Mikey: a cool new weapon i found in here

Mikey raised  up your orange and ( f/c) bra in his hands pretending  to use it as a slang-shot 

You: Mikey thats my bra!

Mikey: whats a bra?

You  knew you couldnt ruin  his young mind with this type of stuff so you just grabbed the bra and swicthed it with pizza and videogames for yall to play the whole night

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