Leo's silhouette

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Eyes focused.


Knees bent.


Elbows in.


Looking good in the back.

I look good in every angle

I held my nagito's with a firm grip under my sleeves and watched as my opponent dashed towards me and I use that to swiftly go for his open area on his side and use my weapon to swing the string around his feet and pulled. Hearing him make a thud sound on the carpet as a knowing of victory was on my side for this match.

"Nice job Paris" I looked back to see April smile at me

Master Splinter stood up once more walking up to me placing a hand on my shoulder congratulating me. Mikey rushed out of the dojo talking about pizza and Donnie and Casey were still arguing for the past five hours.

"Haha looks like fearless got tooken down by his girl again" Raph laughed on the side lines while I helped my blue clad turtle up

"Atleast I don't get caught making out with my boyfriend during class and getting five days of detention" I mocked back

"Hey hey hey, ya didn't have to go there and besides, me and Mona were off school grounds"

"First off, the teacher spotted y'all in the gym and you had no business to even be at the school anyways Raph". Then he said "I had to see how my girl was doing"

I shook my head at him as Leo led me out of the dojo and to the couches grabbing the remote all ready knowing which show we were gonna watch.

"Ready to watch some Space heroes babe" I smiled over at him nodding my head and snuggled closer in to him stealing his warmth like a good girlfriend would do

   5 hours later

My body jolted awake feeling my phone buzz in my pocket. I looked over at my boyfriend during his sleep deciding it was time to go.
Gently getting out of his embrace, I made my way out the lair into the sewers.

"Sneaking out again, Huh?"

My eyes scanned the perimeter to see a skinny figure hiding in the shadows. The figure
Walked closer revealing itself.

"Casey not right now"

"I don't get why you just won't tell Leo already, I mean he is your boyfriend. You told me"

" I didn't tell you, you spied on me while I was getting ready and this is my battle not anyone else's. Got it" I finished what I had to say then pulled on my mask

"I'll be back in time for them not to notice"

"Like always Paris, your gonna have to realize that either you tell them and get it over with or let it splat in your face" I ignored his lecture walking away into the sewers.

Two hours of nothing, not even a thug trying to steal a ladies bag tonight. She needs to be get here already, she can't hide forever.
The memories of that night came back to me like a tidal wave crashing me down every time; maybe Casey was right about at least telling Leo.

Whispering to myself "I can't keep hiding behind this mask forever"

"Then take it off and show me who you really are Midnight Star"

A gasped escaped my throat looking away from the City and into a pair of familiar handsome blue orbs I love so much. But they looked back at me with hatred, it could almost kill me.

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