Kpop One Shots [Requests Open. No Smuts] by Tenshi_AP
Kpop One Shots [Requests Open. KpopXAnime
This is just a bunch of one shots. It has NO smuts. I hope you like it. It contains only 1 part per story so the stories that have 2 or 3 parts are in a different book.
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Girl x Girl One Shots by YoonMinLover_0723
Girl x Girl One Shotsby YoonMinLover_0723
Says it all in the title Content: +21
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Aphmau Oneshots by MumpsimusBagel
Aphmau Oneshotsby Butterfly~Chan
Aphmau One-Shots! Hope you enjoy! Guitar cover songs by: Andrew Foy. Go check out his youtube channel!
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lorien legacies one-shots by lukesbeth
lorien legacies one-shotsby mary
title's pretty self explanatory buddy
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  • unitedasone
  • naveen
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EXO smut oneshots  by ChoiSoyeon5
EXO smut oneshots by Choi Soyeon
Exo Ships One Shots boy × boy smut hybrid storys all ships
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Trash by liarg_vl
Trashby xay
Wszystko i nic.
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My Crazy Fake (I Wish It Were Real) Life  by imwriteyourewrong
My Crazy Fake (I Wish It Were imwriteyourewrong
Warning: Excessive Fangirling Ahead Follow Olivia, who gets what every Fangirl dreams of getting, and Fangirl turns to something more. Based on the characters from the M...
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Overwatch Boys x Fem Reader One Shots by aWolfCalledStorm
Overwatch Boys x Fem Reader One Jerebear
So far includes: McCree
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  • roadhog
  • soldier76
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Creepypasta x seme male reader oneshot by KillerDestiny
Creepypasta x seme male reader Destiny M
Exactly what the title says. I hope you enjoy this.
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Karamel 4 eva by Kcal11
Karamel 4 evaby Kcal11
just some karamel One-shots I also do not own any characters
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Homestuck x Reader Oneshots /Requests Open/ by NaomiOrKiko
Homestuck x Reader Oneshots / Naomi Or Kiko
This will technically be my first book. :V I originally created this on Quotev, But I'm moving it here. It might suck, it might not suck. Who knows! Welp Uh Click and ge...
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SF9 Oneshots by gkookie21
SF9 Oneshotsby ❤️꿈❤️
A one shot book containing SF9 •fluff •angst •crazy shit ~COLLAB WITH @CrystalSnow0304~
  • zuho
  • chani
  • inseong
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BTS & EXO ONESHOTS by leavingmyMark
BTS & EXO ONESHOTSby leavingmyMark
REQUESTS OPEN. Only boy x boy oneshots/fluff/lemons available to request. If you request a special ship that is not BTS or EXO (or even kpop) that is fine, just dm me. *...
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Shyan Oneshots // Buzzfeed Unsolved by rxse-fangs
Shyan Oneshots // Buzzfeed Unsolvedby × Røses are Red ×
👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 A oneshot book made by the lovely Kat 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 - Kat 🌈
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Yuri!!! On Ice : One Shots by palmerlil04
Yuri!!! On Ice : One Shotsby palmerlil04
I know you have always dreamed of going on a date with your favourite Yuri!!! On Ice characters well here's your chance
  • kenjirouminami
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Nomad Of Nowhere oneshots!! by MercyCade
Nomad Of Nowhere oneshots!!by MercyCade
Hey! I'll be writing some oneshots for Nomad Of Nowhere! Requests are open for now!
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OneShot'y na Zamówienie I Postać X Reader by WeatherNinja
OneShot'y na Zamówienie I Postać Walker9383
Tu będą różne oneshot'y na zamówienie z anime, kreskówek, itp rysunek z okladki - ViridEntity
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Fierrochase one shots. by xXdazeyXx
Fierrochase one xXdazeyXx
Alex confesses to Magnus about her feelings. (This was written with P!ATD in the background.)
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