When he ask you out:Donnie

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    You were working on your extra credit work for (fav. subject) in your balcony feeling the breeze making your (h/c) blow in the light wind

???:the answers 5 square

You jumped in shock and looked to your side to see a smiling gapped tooth Donnie over your shoulder

You: so wassup Mr. watch-over-my-shoulder-and-give-me-answers-that-i-almost-had-but-ruined-it

Donnie: ha ha ha sorry

You: so wassup

Donnie kept mumbling things like always when he's nervous and fiddling his fingers . I giggled a little at his actions and leaned over to place your small hands on his giving him a bright smile

Donnie: I just wanted to say.. w-well ask i-iif you I don't know ...  maybe possibly kinda sortof... uh

You: Donnie Lol

Donnie: uh, yes

You: will you be my boyfriend?

Donnie: yes, yes I will

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