When he talks Japanese:Leo

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It was around 11 at night as you got to go on patrol with your boyfriend and his brothers since the last time you did go with them you ended up being Madea.

But you promised that it wouldnt happen again *cross fingers behind your back*. The night was warm as summer was beginning to come and you looked to the edge seeing nothing but New York's bright lights everywhere combining with the darkness made it look so beautiful in your eyes.

But enough about the view ,now back to going on patrol and hoping that Karia doesnt come back because you had your hammer ready for her tail .

Mikey: umm Leo I think I left the oven on back at the lair

Leo: ughh fine, we can split up here and at midnight we come back to cover more ground. Mikey and Donnie you take South, Raph you can take West and Me and (y/n) will take North and East

The other turtles jumped roof top to roof top in their directions and now it was just you and Leo together.

You:So we goin' leo

Leo:Watashi wa ikitai yuiitsu no basho wa, sono kitto no KATdesu

(All I wanna go in is that Kit-kat)


Leo:Watashi wa anata no ashi no ma ni tsutsuma retai Utsukushī

(I wanna be wrapped between your legs beautiful )

You stopped in your tracks turning around to look at Leo suspiciously knowing what he just said, yeah you been tutoring with Donnie without Leo knowing for 3 months now so you knew exactly what he was saying .

You: *giggles* Watashi wa saisho no aoi masuku de kame ni nottai

(But I wanna ride on the turtle with the blue mask first)

You crossed you arms across your chest with a smirk watching Leo's facial expression change from being top-dog to "im busted". You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck getting really close to his neck , you could feel Leo's breathing get shaggy as your lips touched his jawline and lead their way to his neck.

You: Watashi wa jibun no ryōdo o shuchō shita baai, soreha OKdesu

(Is it ok if I claim my territory)

You whispered against his skin

Leo:H-how do you know-w how to speak Japenese?

You: *giggles* Donnie

Leo: imma get him right now

You:Or we can have a lil' fun before the guys come back

Leo:... imma get him when we get back to the lair

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